Our Service Model

We belong to the emerging wave of design professionals immersed in 4-dimensional problem solving yet rooted in the traditional methods of our craft. With today's technology we are trained not only as Architects, but also as Illustrators, Animators, and Programmers.  

We use Spatial Visualization as the basis of our process, providing 3-D perspective images from the start. Since we no longer draft in 2-D, we have recovered the vast time traditionally taken to translate and coordinate the 2-dimensional. With the appropriate project this allows for a new fusion of Principal Architect, Project Manager and Draftsman into a single Project Architect.

This means that the very same individual you meet to discuss the project with is the one creating the digital models, creating the construction documents, and visiting the site to check on construction progress. To maintain this quality accessibility and continuity, we prefer to take on projects within 5 miles of our studio locations.

Survey Services

Sometimes all you need are accurate documents of what you already have. We visit to take precise 3-D scans + video surveys in order to provide certified as-built drawings and digital 3-dimensional models of your existing building conditions.

Design Services

Let us sculpt your vision. We're here from concept modeling to historic + city permit documentation and approvals. Our method allows you to witness your ideas in space and time from the very beginning. In addition to traditional plans, we provide perspective images as a standard; we are currently testing Augmented Reality and expect to offer that experience by the end of this year. 

Contract Administration Services

We're here when it's time to build. We'll help you find the right Contractor as well as help assemble the contract. During construction we visit periodically and work with builders to guard your vision. We review product submittals and payment applications to help the project schedule and budget.